Jewelry Insurance – 5 Important Reasons Why It is Worth It?

There is a saying, “Where there is property, there’s theft.” And regrettably, the aphorism is accurate in a number of situations. Jewellery insurance is important if you are concerned about your priceless diamonds in this situation. Take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself and your belongings, like as jewellery, especially if you do not really.

Insurance might come in handy when the unexpected occurs, whether it concerns your vehicle or your health. Everyone has heard stories of complete loss caused by house fires, floods, burglaries, and the recent pandemic of the Coronavirus, which has taken many lives. While disasters can be incredibly traumatic on their own, they become even more distressing when you lose valuables that are not protected.

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People have gathered a wealth of knowledge about safety and insurance throughout this epidemic. It is always a good idea to get everything of value insured, including your health and other priceless possessions, to guarantee that you are ready for an emergency.

Jewelry has a lot of feelings, attached to women, especially the wedding Jewelry. It represents enduring affection and is priceless since it has been handed down through the years. These items are frequently not replaceable. Even still, even the finest among us experience accidents and mishaps like theft, snatching etc. You should put certain protections in place so that you can at least replace a piece of jewellery or get your money back if it is lost due to theft, snatching etc. Jewellery insurance is useful in this situation. Experts contend that insurance coverage gives more advantages over bank lockers.

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What does a Jewelry Insurance Policy imply?

If you keep assets at home, there is always a chance that they will be stolen, broken into, destroyed in a riot, or destroyed by natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. A Jewellery insurance policy offers you financial protection from such loss to your priceless jewellery.

When purchasing insurance for gold jewellery, there are two choices. Either get a standalone Jewelry Insurance policy from the Jewelry shop you purchase your Jewelry or include coverage for your gold jewellery in your home insurance policy. To keep your Jewelry purchase information safe to yourself, It makes sense to take Jewelry Insurance from the Jewelry shop itself if you are planning to buy new jewellery. Many reputed and caring jewellers are giving FREE Jewelry Insurance, along with Jewelry. So you either buy from such Jewelers’ or by paying an additional charge, you may add this protection from Jewelers who are not giving it FREE. In today’s time, It’s wiser to ask for Jewelry Insurance instead of discounts.

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5 reasons for getting jewellery insurance

1. Reduces stress and gives reassurance

This may be the most frequent justification for getting jewellery insurance. You are less likely to become anxious when you are aware that your jewellery is insured. Stress is one killer. Any chance to relax should be viewed as a worthwhile investment.

4. Its wise

 Would You be able to afford new jewellery for yourself or your family member, in case it’s stolen? Most of the common man spends a big savings of his life, or uses our ancestor’s Jewelry, to buy new ones. Will you be able to buy a new one so easily in case it’s stolen? So it’s wise and smart to buy Jewelry with JEWELRY INSURANCE

3. Stealing

Unfortunately, theft and break-ins do occur. Chain snatching is very common these days. Your life is not worth the cost of your diamond engagement ring, regardless of how much it may be. Therefore, you may feel secure knowing that your pricey rings and necklaces are protected by your insurance coverage in the event that you are robbed or your property is burglarized.

4. Bank Lockers aren’t easily available

Many of us don’t even get bank lockers, if we open an account nowadays, due to a shortage of lockers. So the Your valuable Jewelry ends up being at home for most people.

5. It is economical

 Most Reputed showrooms and Responsible jewelers are giving Jewelry Insurance Free, along with Jewelers. And from showrooms that don’t give free, most people can invest in jewellery insurance without even blinking an eye. Insurance for jewellery often costs 1% to 2% of the item’s value. By making that small commitment now, you can avoid the hassle of having to pay the entire amount down the road.

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Why some Jeweler are giving FREE JEWELRY INSURANCE?

Smart and Responsible jewellers have realized that New Generation doesn’t look at Jewelry just as an investment, but also as an experience. For Investment, we will buy Gold bars, not Jewelry. The tradition of buying Jewelry only from Family jewellers is fading away, with Jeweler like Tanishq, Bluestone and Carat Lane becoming so prominent. So traditional big Jewelers in different cities want to showcase their care and concern for loyal customers, by giving such FREE JEWELLERY INSURANCE.

What kind of protection is provided by the jewellery insurance policy?

Depending on the insurer, the coverage for the gold jewellery insurance policy may differ. But this is the typical coverage that the majority of standalone insurance policies offer:

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, and others.
  • Theft
  • Robbery or home invasion
  • Chain snatching
  • Accidental loss
  • Damage to the ornaments lying in the bank locker

Some Key Jewelry Insurance Providers :

  1. Digit Insurance –  https://www.godigit.com/ 
  2. Olocker  –  https://www.olocker.in/  ( looks like a Jewellery Insurance Speciality company)
  3. HDFC Ergo – https://www.hdfcergo.com/home-insurance/jewellery-insurance


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