Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By visiting our website you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. These conditions are subject to change from time to time.

Your continued use of Olocker.in ("website") means that you accept any new or modified terms and conditions that are introduced by us. Please re-visit this link on our website from time to time to stay abreast of any changes that we may introduce.

The Terms of Use along with the Privacy Policy extends to all users of services provided by the website.


The term "user" means all:

  • Who are registered on the website by creating a user id & password
  • Also includes the individuals whose jewellery is identifiable with a valid Ornament ID and a certificate of insurance but who have not created their user id & password.
  • The term "website" means domain name - www.olocker.in; used elsewhere in this "terms of use" document as us/we/our.

    The term "OLocker" or "O-Loker" refers to the user's secured digital repository, used for recording of his/her jewellery assets.

    The term "data" means all the information relating to the users and their respective products as uploaded by them from time to time on the website.

    The term "registered channel partner" refers to the jewellery retailers or government approved certified valuers who have registered with the website and have a valid login id & password.

    The term "Ornament ID" or "OID" means the unique 16-digit alpha numeric code assigned to a piece of jewellery and generated using the website functionalities.

    The term "Certificate of Insurance" or COI" means the document bearing a unique 16- digit alpha numeric code, generated using the website functionalities and contains details including but not limited to the information pertaining to:

  • OID of the insured ornament
  • Detailed terms & conditions governing the insurance including exclusions and duties of insured.
  • The term "Subscribed user" refers to a user who has subscribed to O-locker by paying subscription charges. Subscribed user also includes the client of our registered channel partner for whom the subscription charges have been borne by registered channel partner. The subscribed user is entitled to Olocker features.

    The term "normal user" refers to an individual who has registered himself on the website but has not paid subscription money either by himself or through a registered channel partner.

    The term "Insurer" means THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. LTD.


    The website offers services to its normal and subscribed users. The subscribed users are entitled to additional benefits when compared with normal users.

    Services available to all users (subscriber & normal):

  • Creation of Olocker by registering on website and generating user id & password
  • Upload images and maintain records of their jewellery assets to their Olocker
  • Secured access at any point in time to the said Olocker
  • Additional benefits to subscriber users:

  • Insurance benefits for their jewellery having valid OID & COI generated using website's functionalities
  • On-the-go value tracker for their jewellery having valid certificate of insurance (COI)
  • 1 GB digital space to record their jewellery related and other important documents
  • Any future benefits which our website may provide for subscribed users.

    The insurance benefits made available complimentarily to the subscribed users are governed by the terms and conditions of a separate agreement between the subscribed user and the insurer.

    Following are the terms and conditions of all other services provided to its users by the website.

    Terms governing other Olocker services:

    olocker.in provides the services, under this agreement.

      1. You can create an Olocker even when you are not a subscribed user; however you would not be entitled to benefits reserved for subscribed users.
      2. Creation of a designated Olocker with user Id & password will require both the subscribed and normal user to register on our website by providing certain information like email id & mobile number. You also certify that all information provided by you is accurate.
      3. If you choose to register yourself, you will generate a user id and password which you can use to access your Olocker.
      4. All the registered users, whether subscribed or normal, will be entitled to a designated Olocker and they can upload their jewellery, whether or not identifiable with OID on their Olocker.
      5. Every subscribed user who possesses jewellery identified with a valid OID & a valid Certificate of insurance is entitled to insurance benefits immediately on subscription. He may or may not be a registered user with a designated Olocker, user id & password for entitlement to insurance benefits.
      6. Olocker.in reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny your access to this website and its services without notice for the following reasons:
  • Immediately for any unauthorised access or use by you.
  • Immediately, if you assign or transfer (or attempt the same) any rights granted to you under this agreement.
  • Immediately, if you violate any of the other terms & conditions of this user agreement.
  • Terms governing the complimentary insurance coverage:

    Olocker.in facilitates the insurance coverage for the jewellery of the subscribed user which is identifiable with a valid OID & Certificate of insurance generated using our website's functionalities.

    The insurance services are provided by the insurer to the subscriber. The insurance benefits are complimentary with subscription to Olocker and are governed by the terms and conditions of a separate agreement between the subscribed user and the insurer.

    The terms and conditions of insurance coverage are available separately on our website for ease of subscribers under "terms of coverage" section. We strongly recommend you to go through the same before entering into the insurance contract.

    Having gone through the terms and conditions/terms of coverage clause and having entered into contract with insurer you thereby agree and acknowledge the fact any claim for insurance will be raised on insurer and payments will be claimed from insurer. Any loss/damage arising in course of such settlement is not responsibility of olocker.in.

    All brands, trademarks which are provided with leaflet and also with the product are not party to the present Insurance Policy, therefore, they cannot be hold responsible for any claim.

    The Policy will be applicable only for jewellery which is identifiable with a valid OID & Certificate of insurance generated using our website functionalities and which are:-

  • Acquired with a valid invoice or
  • For the household jewellery whose value and ownership is established through a government approved valuer's valuation certificate.
  • Your insurance benefit is based on the information provided by you when you registered for the insurance.

    The terms specified in section "terms of coverage" and your certificate of insurance should be read as one document.