Frequently Asked Questions

About O-Locker

  • What is O-Locker ?
  • What are my benefits from subscribing to O-locker ?
  • How secure is O-locker ?
  • Which all ways can I access my O-locker ?
  • How do I add jewellery details to my O-locker ?
  • What is certificate of insurance ?
  • What is Ornament ID or OID ?
  • Why is OID required for O-locker ?
  • How do I generate OID for my jewellery I wish to store in O-Locker ?
  • What all details are required to be given for OID creation ?
  • How would I know whether my retailer has created OID with correct details ?
  • What is a subscribed user and what is a normal user ?
It is unique offering from; by subscribing to O-Locker you can maintain record of your jewellery assets digitally. You also avail the jewellery insurance benefits for jewellery recorded in O-locker where the risks are covered by India's leading general insurance company.
By subscribing to O-Locker you can record digitally and bring your jewellery assets at a single place. Our upcoming features like - value tracker will allow you to see, track and manage your jewellery like any other financial asset.
The benefit of jewellery insurance imparts to you peace of mind- use jewellery free of worries like theft and many other covered perils.
  • O-locker is fully secured and its features can be accessed by using your user id /password.
  • Claim logging & claim status checking is possible only with one time password on registered mobile number.
  • and its current or future associates don't access or share your contact details or your jewellery information with anyone without your explicit permission. You are advised to go through privacy policy for detailed information in this regard.
    As of now O-locker is web based. You can access your details using desktop/laptop/tab/mobiles. O-locker will be made available also in form of a mobile app soon. You need to create a user id and password by logging into our website-
    You can add your jewellery details to your o-locker in following steps:
  • Create a user id and password by submitting your basic details on our website-
  • Once logged into your o-locker start adding jewellery by adding your OIDs and/or certificate of insurance numbers
  • In case you are not a subscribed user, i.e. not having a OID identified jewellery, simply fill in the details by clicking - add jewellery tab
  • The certificate of insurance is the document which captures your insurance certificate number, Details of insured & details of underlying jewellery. The certificate which is made available to you via e-mail (provided your email id is shared with us) or printed by your retailer/CV also captures vital terms & conditions of the insurance.
    OID stands for Ornament ID. This is a unique alpha numeric identity code for the jewellery you intend to put into O-Locker. OID is generated by your retailer/ certified valuer by using the features of our website available to him using his registered id & password.
    OID is a mandatory requirement for subscription and use of O-Locker services.
    It is important to define the underlying assets correctly in order to ensure that claims are settled without hassles. OID identifies the jewellery by capturing all its vital information including image. Since insurance coverage is OID specific, OID generation is mandatory.
    As of now, your retailer & certified valuer (CV) generates OID for you. Retailers will generate OID for any new jewellery you acquire; certified valuer's valuation certificate is needed for covering your existing jewellery, it's a CV who will generate OID for your old jewellery.
    All vital parameters which define jewellery along with minimum one image required for creation of OID for any jewellery.
    Kindly take care to ensure that description of your jewellery as captured by the retailer's invoice or CV's valuation certificate is in sync with the details captured via OID. In case of any discrepancy kindly contact the retailer or CV.
    O-Locker has the following set of users:

    Subscribed users are the users who have OID & Certificate of Insurance identified jewellery. He may or may not create a user id but his benefits of o-locker are available to him from the moment a certificate of insurance is generated in his name. However, he is required to create a user id in order to create and maintain a digitised record of all his jewellery (OID linked or otherwise).

    Normal users are the users whose jewellery is not linked with an OID and who doesn't have a certificate of insurance. However, by creating a user id on our website, they can created and maintain digitised records of their jewellery.

    The following benefits are meant only for subscribed users:
  • Insurance benefits for their jewellery identified with OID & certificate of insurance
  • Complimentary space of 1 GB to store their documents
  • Soon to be launched features like valuation on the go & other benefits reserved for subscribed users

    • What are the losses/perils covered under the policy ?
    • What are the exclusions of this policy ?
    • How the value of jewellery is arrived at for protection purpose ?
    • Why I need to upload the invoice ?
    • When does the protection begin ?
    • At the time of loss, jewellery was being worn by my relatives/friends? Will loss be covered ?
    • What is the maximum permissible time gap between incident of loss and reporting of claim ?
    • What is the maximum value of the jewellery which can be insured ?
    • What are the steps in event of a loss/damage ?
    • What all documents are needed from me in case of claim ?
    • Is FIR mandatory ?
    • But to get FIR is very difficult ?
    • How many days it will take to pay my claims ?
    • Will my claim be rejected, if certain documents are missing ?
    • What is the basis of claim rejection ?
    The insurance covers you from loss or damage from a host of specific risk like:
  • Theft, Burglary/ housebreaking, Robbery , Dacoity
  • Fire, Lightening, Hurricane, Flood & Earthquake
  • Terrorism
  • Loss during transit while accompanied by insured

  • Kindly refer the accompanied terms & condition documents and "Terms of use" available on website for complete coverage.
    The complimentary cover excludes loss/damage from perils like :
  • for which manufacturer/supplier or repairer is responsible
  • sustained during repairing/ restoring
  • mysterious circumstances / unexplained reasons
  • gradual depreciation, wear & tear
  • Dishonesty and ignorance of insured

  • Kindly refer the accompanied terms & condition documents and "Terms of use" available on website for complete coverage.
    The insured can activate the insurance for the invoice value however the settlement in event of claim shall be as per following terms:
  • In case where damage can be repaired, claim settled would be limited to the cost deemed necessary for restoration to its former state
  • In case of loss of gold jewellery, it will be equal to the lower of declared value or market value plus a maximum 10% for making charges
  • In case of loss of diamond jewellery, it will be equal to lower of declared value or market value.
  • You need to upload invoice to prove your ownership of the insured jewellery. In event of any loss or damage which you claim, you would be required to produce the original invoice mandatorily.
    The protection begins immediately after generation of certificate of insurance.
    The protection program covers the use of jewellery by you or your family members. The family members include your- parents, siblings, lineal descendants, spouse or domestic partner. Usage by your friends is not covered for protection.
    This protection program doesn't cover the event, which is not identified within 14 days of occurring. So if you fail to identify an event of loss or damage within 14 days of its happening, the protection program is rendered ineffective. Further In the event of loss, you must do the following:
  • Within 48 hours of your discovering the loss, you must inform the event of loss to us and police.
  • Within 7 days from thereafter, you are required to fill up all the mandatory documents (available on 'downloads' section of our website) and submit to us.

  • You are advised to refer to our "terms of use" for further detail on duties in case of claim situation for more information.
    Your jewellery valued upto Rs. 25 Lacs (value of individual jewellery) can be offered for protection benefits. However, there is no limit for recording information in O-Locker. It means that while you can store details of all your jewellery into your O-Locker but the benefit of protection will be available only for jewellery valued upto Rs. 25 Lacs.
    In event of loss/damage, you must initiate the claim registration process on our website. You can register your claim by submitting your certificate number and providing the information relating to the event of loss/ damage. On uploading of First Information Report, a claim number is generated.
    Once the claim number is generated, the processes relating to survey and assessment of losses will begin. You can check the status of your claim on the website.
    There are certain mandatory documents, which one needs to fill up, sign and submit to insurance company in case of claims. These documents contain - claim intimation form and details of loss event. You must access the 'downloads' section on, download these mandatory form, fill up, sign and send to us within 7 days of coming to know of the loss event. In the process of claim, following set of documents are required to be produced:
  • Original purchase invoice of jewellery
  • First information report (FIR)
  • Any other documents which surveyor may ask for
  • Final report (FR) if is warranted by surveyor/ insurance company
  • Yes. First information report is mandatory and has to be submitted at the time of claim registration on our website.
    It used to be a difficult process in past but now a days to register a FIR is more or less compulsory. Besides, there is no way for an insurance company to verify the genuineness of the claim, hence FIR is a must.
    Within 45-60 days provided you have submitted all the requisite information within stipulated time period.
    No. Claim will be on hold until & unless all the required documents are not received. You will be informed on the missing documents.
    The claim could be rejected due to a number of reasons mainly:
  • Claims emanating from exclusion list
  • Where the event of loss was not discovered until 14 days of such event happening
  • Incorrect details at the time of registration, claim submission and during survey processes
  • Incorrect details captured while creating OID
  • Where the claim is judged by the insurance company as a fraudulent activity or act of dishonesty
  • Where the claimant hasn't fulfilled the minimum fiduciary duty of tracking the property or haven't attempted recovery at all